Do citizens of the Russian Federation need entry visa to Armenia? 

- No visa is needed for the citizens of the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus. Others should have an invitation letter or should apply to the RA embassy of their country. The cost of the visa is 3000 AMD up to 21 days and 15 000 AMD – up to 120 days.

 RA law on entry visa

According to the RA government law on N1255-H adopted on October 04, 2012, no entry visa is demanded from the citizens of the EU countries, of the Schengen zone states starting from January 01, 2013. Due to this law citizens from these countries can stay within the territory of the Republic of Armenia for 180 days a year.

 In case one of the parents travels with a child less than 18 years old, should the other part give his/her written consent?

- Yes, the parent should have an agreement of the other part stated by the Notary office upon arrival.

Do Armenians speak Russian?

- Most of the Armenians know Russian Language and have a very kind attitude towards guests from Russia. Restaurants have their menus in Russian too. There are also signs and banners in Russian.

Is medical insurance obligatory when visiting to Armenia?

- No, it is not mandatory.

Is there a cellular connection in the territory of the Republic of Armenia?

- Yes, you can use your cell phones almost in every part of the Republic of Armenia. Roaming in Armenia can be applied by the main cellular operators in Russia. We would recommend you to acquire a local SIM card (or receive free charge at the airport) as you have outside calls at rather cheap prices.

Where to get the Armenian Cognac?

- It is better to buy the Armenian Cognac at the Yerevan Brandy factory (low prices, high quality). Per your wish we can organize an unmemorable tour to Yerevan Brandy Factory where you will taste different types of cognac. You can also buy cognac at the shops or at duty free shops when departing.

Is there Internet in Armenia?

-  In some hotels WI-FI Internet is free of charge (you can know how to connect by asking to the hotel administrator). There are also Internet-cafes. If you prefer to use the Internet everywhere it is better to use your cell phone by buying a Viva MTS SIM card which has 3G.The settings for GPRS/EDGE/3G are as follows:, dial number *99# if you want to connect from the computer, login and password aren’t required.

What’s the season for swimming in the Lake Sevan?

- As the Lake Sevan is a high-altitude lake, wind always blows and the average temperature of the water from June to August fluctuates between + 18 and +20. 

Is it safe to live/stay in Armenia? 

-The level of household crimes in Armenia is low. You can walk around at any time without fear. In any case you should behave properly.

Is it possible to rent snowboards, skis at Tsahkadzor?

- Yes, you can rent. Per day price for a pair of ski is 8000 AMD, for a snowboard – 10 000 AMD per day. 

Is it possible to make use of the services of an instructor at Tsahkadzor?  

Yes. It will cost you to learn to ski 10 000 AMD per hour. As for a snowboard – 15 000 AMD per hour.

How much does it cost to use the rope way at Tsahkadzor?

- One way is 1 500 AMD. Unlimited usage of the ropeway for 2 days – 16 000 AMD. The ticket price for a week is 49 000 AMD.  

What is the weather like in Armenia?

- In winters it is rather cold and in summers it is dry and hot.

What is the currency of the Republic of Armenia? May I use USD or EUR?

- AMD is the official currency. The shops are accepting AMD (Dram)

Where can I change money?

- There are currency exchange offices. Banks exchange money too.

Are credit cards accepted in Yerevan?

- Major credits cards like Visa or Mastercard are acceptable at shops, restaurants, cafes.

Where can I buy souvenirs?

- On Saturdays and Sundays the open-air market (Vernissage) is open where you can buy souvenirs. In the center of the city there are also many souvenir-shops.

What means of public transportation do people usually use?

- Different means of transportation are available in Armenia. Metro is situated in Yerevan (100 AMD per person, ~ $0, 25). There are also many taxis (1 Km is ~ $2).


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